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Thoughts on “Heneral Luna”

As soon as the credits rolled, I already wanted to type words on my Evernote in order to savor the numerous quotes from the best movie I saw since Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I’m not certainly going to write a movie review. I did not take notes while watching explosions and hearing expletives from the main character who overflows with charisma, badassery, and “i-will-do-it-because-nobody-else-can” attitude. I hoped to write just to be give my thoughts out here on the Internet about this social media “movie” of “Heneral Luna.”

Yet, as the lights went on after the first part of the credits started to roll, I saw that I was amongst middle-class students who may or may not realize that in themselves are the potential leaders of the nation the General has long became decimated for.

Its trending popularity has driven me to watch the film. Only once did I see a promotion for the film on TV: when Kara David interviewed the director and the antagonist of the movie. I saw that the antagonist was a great actor, so my interest was picked. Social media promotion was different from TV, as my Twitter feed always featured one or two of my friends exclaiming their disbelief that the movie only valued for P200.

General Luna’s “act now while they’re still thinking” strategy is a necessary curriculum addition to our schools, especially in the city. Consumerist lifestyle has made us into a “let those who want to, do them” attitude so we could live comfortable, undisturbed lives and then reap the harvest of those who’ve changed little but at least have done something.

May all of us have the time to reflect on the impact of the movie to our perception of our role in society. Laziness and bandwagoniing is common: be different! The future of the society, in God’s will, is in our capability to act on those status updates we post and get likes for.



I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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