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On-time for December

I’m back!

For the past two months or so, I have been concentrated on finishing my thesis manuscript. Everyday, I was writing and revising and formatting this one document in order to complement the 2 years worth of courses that I’ve taken towards a Master’s Degree.

Right now, the Christmas break is but a week away. My adviser has sent me steps according to which I could schedule the defense, provided he and my reader would confirm the goodness of my latest draft.

In the meantime, I pledge to return to blogging. Noted, I have not made much strides in the web that merits such a large ripple of controversy. Yet, this post is personal. It is an accountability post, to improve my routine by incorporating knowledge-sharing into my life.

Watch out, tiny demographic that reads the first line of my posts! Weekly articles are coming!



I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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