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My Year-End Poem

A new year comes
Make way for glee
A new year comes
Here ye! Here ye!
Gone days remembered
Past hours reminisced
For in a few moments
The present will be missed
Good days ahead
Uncertain as they are
Fill people with hope
With their view afar
For a glimmer of newness
And a shine of promise
Give young and old alike
A measure of testing
Three hundred plus more
To share with the world
For words and ideas
And plans to unfold
Three hundred plus more
Of making a mark
Of paving the way
Or keeping the dark
Three hundred plus more
that will pass too quick
Before you say, “Hey man!”
It’d give you a kick.
Three hundred plus more
But don’t wait till the last one
To say to your loved one
To that special someone
How huge of your heart
and how vast of your mind
and how big of your soul
They’ve had occupied
How all of their words
and all of their deeds
Made last year so special
So unforgettable indeed
The coming of days
Marked by a four-digit number
Could pass without even
A chance for great slumber
So make the minutes count
And the seconds worth like silver
Cause this year you’re given
An opportune time to better
Better your words
And ideas and actions
Better yourself
for your sake and satisfaction
Better the life of your family and peers
By restraining the hate
and giving love with no fear
Better your ties with the Maker of all
Through receiving His love
and giving Him all
Better from past
three hundred plus days
Better than the five years
That already took place
Mistake may be done
Success may be few
Thoughts may be more
Than actions they’re due
Three hundred are enough
And the six that come after
After they’re past and all gone, we’ll say
“Ah! This year was better!”


I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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