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My Thesis is a Fish

This exercise was inspired by an article by Thesis Whisperer found on this link. The blog has helped me a lot throughout my present endeavor of thesis writing and presentation.

My thesis is a fish. It’s good to look at, relaxing to think about, but when time comes to change the water of the aquarium, it’s the hardest thing to do. Likewise, I had a difficult time pruning the sentences of my thesis and editing the paragraphs in alignment of the format my advisers want them to be. Also, like a fish that’s alone in its bowl, my thesis cannot be seen by itself only; it would look so empty. A systematic view of my thesis topic is key to making the most of it. The graphs and tables are what scales are to a fish – they’re what the readers understand emphatically and admire immediately. One who glimpses at a fish could only see its scales -how colorful they are, like how a reader would judge my thesis based on tables and graphs. Fish scales are what make observers stay for the long look, due to their identifiable colors, like how my tables and graphs entice the reader to spend more time for reading the text.



I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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