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Possible Research: A Map of Donor Projects in the Philippines

The Philippines, being a developing country, receives generous aid from different organizations. I am not an expert in development dynamics, but I am curious whether a system of monitoring and evaluation of simultaneous donor projects exists; consequently, what agency maintains such. Possible agencies that come to mind are DFA, DILG, and NEDA; however the devolution of powers to the Local Government would naturally make tracking all these projects difficult. Individual monitoring of projects is tasking enough, how much more of maintaining a comprehensive list.
As such, I am interested in accounting for the different donor projects that have taken place in the last five years and planned in the next six years. I am unaware if the donor agencies publicize their plans of the sites they plan to do development work. However, a map showing the collection of all donor projects could inform local government with decisions of priority funding. With the recent release of the Philippine Development Plan, it is beneficial that a map be made public, for the accountability of the government.
If a map is already available, please share it!
Do you have your own research ideas? Send them through the comments!


I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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