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Cities of the Philippines and Waste Management: Antipolo City

Inspired by the exercise I conducted on the waste generation status of Philippine cities (see: here), I present a series of information summaries about significant cities.

Using a formulated data gathering template for online-only search, waste management information in the City of Antipolo is compiled.

Access the information sheet through this link:


With the information gathered, the following recommendations are forwarded for Antipolo City waste management research.

  • Continue publication of success stories about the launching of MRFs to inspire other local governments.
  • Encourage local scholars to conduct research on waste management, particularly regarding the annual waste issue of Lenten trash.
  • Publish waste generation and waste composition data on City website for public knowledge.

Do you have additional information I missed? Leave a comment!



I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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