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See you on Hubpages!

In the past five months, I have worked on resurrecting my own professional blog. Embarrassingly, the objective was to gain enough attention and justify to myself a decision to purchase a website and monetize traffic. As a scientist, I studied my behavior towards writing and promoting the blog.

I found that during the last quarter, the site earned a total of about 300 views and 100 visitors. There are also 15 WordPress followers, who I assume are also starting bloggers.

The topics I have written range from personal ideas to research articles. I explored the waste management data of three Philippine cities, documented a transport forum, and showcased presentations on system dynamics modeling and secondary cities.

I expressed my support towards napping (who would not?). I also went high on my horse and gave tips on writing self-recommendation letters and moving past writer’s block. Moreover, I highlighted the importance of the day after Mother’s Day.

Then, I discovered Hubpages. This repository of hubs about plenty topics was an open secret I did not know about. I tried to write for it in the past month to test the waters.

My Hubpages profile
My Hubpages profile

First, a simple article on why I prefer reading print; then, a semi-personal hub on my hopes towards becoming a new professor; finally, an analysis of the book “Happy City” in line with Amazon affiliation.

Finally, after three articles, I got my first Adsense earnings: $0.01 in May. This happened without intensive promotion through social media.

I know it was premature to celebrate, but I did! My three articles currently have a total of 140 views – not much for a hub I assume, but more than the total views I got in the past five months for this free WordPress site.

Moreover, feedback is significant in Hubpages – I knew whether my article passed the quality standard for publication. I knew someone read it, not just saw it.

This July, I am preparing to be a professor. So, a decision point arises, with the limited time I can give to writing. I must focus on only one website for greater impact with no stress. For now, I choose the Hubpages site.

A quick survey of forums on self-hosting vs hubbing convinced me to focus on Hubpages. I am presently unable to compose a team of designers, social media promoters, and editors. Admittedly, I am just a writer-researcher, not yet a brand. Hubpages provides a home for the writer in me for a fraction of Adsense money.

The dream to build a professional site lives. When the Hubpages site grabs much attention and readership, I can pursue hosting a professional site. I also already have an updated LinkedIn profile for casual professional branding.

Thank you to the ~300 viewers and ~100 visitors in the past quarter. The WordPress hiatus will last for a month. In August, I hope to share the lessons that I have learned from writing solely for Hubpages.

This is definitely not goodbye, just see you on the other site!



I am an Environmental Scientist, Geographer, and Researcher. I am especially interested in urban phenomena and planning.

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